There’s something about autumn…

It’s official. We love autumn. Okay – all of the seasons are great, but it’s time to get excited about cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors, and new clothes! The best part is layering with great new clothes to stay cute and warm when the temperature goes down (the way it did today). We love this beautiful new dress and tights set from European designer Deux Par Deux – berry pink corduroy, tiny stitched detailing, and adorable patterned tights! The perfect way to beat the autumn chill.

Stay warm!

We’ve moved!!

Whew! I can’t believe it’s almost fall again. We’re so busy! Just in time for back-to-school season, we’ve moved to a new (and bigger) building! Make sure to check out our website for the new fall collections of all your favorite designers, plus keep an eye out for our new favorites – like Persnickety Clothing!! These darling vintage-inspired clothing are fun and fresh for fall, and we love their unique homespun flair. We know your little girl will love their twirly dresses just as much as we do!

So have a great – and not too stressful – almost autumn!!!

Back to School Jeans

“Mom, I have no jeans to wear”! Am I the only one that hears this all school year long? This year I’m getting prepared! Have you seen the awesome jeans out there? “Bling Bling” Miss Me Jeans has some of the neatest. And how hard is it to find a pair that your daughter likes, you agree too, and the school approves of!! Designer look, long-lasting, and no holes. I found it with Miss Me Jeans. Check them out and good luck with your school shopping!